Have Fun with these Flash Games

Fun games

Playing flash games online is a fun and easy way to pass the time if your looking for a little bit of fun during your down time. Flash games are simply games that are played online using the World Wide Web rather than downloaded data. The top online flash games that I would recommend to any gamer looking for a fun game to pass the time includes super Mario 63, adventure capitalist and bejeweled. 


Flash Games the Founders!

Flash Games Founders

Flash games have been around for awhile now. They have been around since 1996. One site, considered to the original game site has been on flash since then, that would be New Grounds. However, some game sites have been running them since the dawn of the 2000’s. One of these sites is Addicting Games, and that’s the site we’ll focus on for this post. 


What Loading Screens Are Used For In Flash Games


Why do games have loading screens exactly? The basic answer would be to give the system time to process everything within the particular map; but we’ll be diving further into it right now to truly understand the reasons why a loading screen is an important necessity. Games content is saved within a hard disk (HDD) often times and it’s processed. It’s just like when a game is saved on a console like a game boy for example. A game that used that being the likes of Pokemon and others.