Fireboy and Watergirl – the Game That You Will Like

Fireboy and Watergirl

Have you already heard about Fireboy and Watergirl? If you are a kid or a flash game lover, you should definitely try it. This is a beautiful game with an amazing entourage.

It is perfect for you if you want to develop your cognitive abilities, reaction time, and improve your thinking rate. However, it’s also just fun; watching over a magic boy and girl and even helping them. Also, this game helps save yourself from boredom.

The Gameplay Is Unusual

Unlike many other games, this game has an interesting control system. You play for two characters at the same time. Players just use different keys: A, W, D for Fireboy and arrows on a keyboard for his sister, Watergirl. You can lead both of them or you can call your friend or relative to take part in saving the beloved heroes from an evil environment.

In Fireboy and Watergirl, the two characters are trying to get out from magical locations that keep them trapped. They always move up and you look for special doors where there is a treasured exit.

On the way, there are many dangers. The girl and the boy can be caught by demonic enemies (don’t worry they are not very scary), they can die in deadly pools, or bosses can kill them. For the boy, you must avoid pools with lava; for the girl, you should jump over pools with water. Both of them must avoid green and black pools, or they will die.

How to Win

To get a victory in this game, you need to be smart and attentive. Always take magic diamonds. Fireboy needs to take red diamonds and Watergirl needs blue diamonds. Both need to take green ones as this will bring your victory closer.

Also, look for exit doors. Red doors for Fireboy and blue ones for Watergirl. Only thus you will get them out of there. Don’t mix it up. Our heroes rely on you.

The boy and girl going to need to push buttons and switches, pull levers, and drag boxes. Various trials and tribulations await you. As the levels progress, it will become harder and harder, although more interesting.

When you succeed to get out of the ice castle, the light castle, the crystal castle and the magic wood, you’ll get a reward. For this, you’ll need to solve many puzzles and become a leader of the company of magic siblings.

Time in the game is limited. Due to this, you will need to think quickly. However, that is the beauty of the game: you can become a unique master. If someone finishes this game quickly, you can always practice harder and surpass them. There are no limits for perfection.

Finished the Game and Want More?

At this moment there are five seasons released. But, fans are waiting for the 6th season. Furthermore, there are rumors that this will happen soon. We are all quite eager to see it in the near future.

I’m sure it will happen. Fireboy and Watergirl received awards and recognition as the best game in a plethora of rankings. Even various gamers from all around the world will agree with me.

Enjoy the game.

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