Flash Games the Founders!

Flash Games Founders

Flash games have been around for awhile now. They have been around since 1996. One site, considered to the original game site has been on flash since then, that would be New Grounds. However, some game sites have been running them since the dawn of the 2000’s. One of these sites is Addicting Games, and that’s the site we’ll focus on for this post. 

Addicting Games have been around for nearly 20 years. I remember playing the games on there when I was younger. Many people have played on this site since they were in school. In some circles, they are considered one of the founders of gaming sites and have profited from it greatly. Since they’ve been around so long, many people know the name of the site, and they frequent it as well. 

What makes addicting games unique? Well, they are geared to provide the best games for their users. They put the player first, and their needs second. They work closely and personally with the developers of many of the flash games on their site. 

What makes them different from the competition is that they have changed frequently over the years. They have adapted to the times, and continued forward with their idea to bring free, fresh, and innovative games to their users. This has gotten them new users, faithful users, and casual users over the years. However, unlike other sites they didn’t stay the same. They adapted and grew with the times. They kept up with the demand from their players and gave the users what they wanted. 

They bring fresh new games to the board every week. With more than a dozen games per week being released by the addicting game developers and some freelance game designers that they work closely with, they are able to bring new amazing content to their site weekly. They do this to make sure that every user has a game that they want to play, and that they can get addicted to.

Finally, the site is unique. With a front page that shows all of their games that are popular and new, they get more people to see their games so that they’ll stop. It gives categories for the users like mobile, puzzle, action, shooting, zombie, shooting, car, and more than 30 more different categories. It comes complete with a search bar. So what’s not to love about addictinggames.com with a massive game library and a user friendly site, you can try it today and find out what the buzz is about. Oh, and did I mention all of the games are free. No membership fees, no payment methods, just free, enjoyable, fun gaming.