Have Fun with these Flash Games

Fun games

Playing flash games online is a fun and easy way to pass the time if your looking for a little bit of fun during your down time. Flash games are simply games that are played online using the World Wide Web rather than downloaded data. The top online flash games that I would recommend to any gamer looking for a fun game to pass the time includes super Mario 63, adventure capitalist and bejeweled. 

Mario 63
If your a gamer you are already no stranger to good old Mario brothers. Mario is a great way to pass the time with a fun and quirky arcade like game that is fun for all ages. Make your way through Mario world jumping over obstacles and collecting goodies to up your score. It’s a fun game that takes little thought but is fun to maneuver around mindlessly while you de-stress from a hard days work. 
Adventure Capitalist
Adventure Capitalist is a fun and entertaining online flash game for the intellectual person who wants to get their mind working and test their knowledge. This is a fast pace internet capital marketing game that really tests your knowledge in business and financial planning. You are able to move money around and figure out the best way to improve your investments. 
Bejeweled is a great online game for anyone that likes to play puzzle games that require little to no thought but allow for a relaxing game play that will ease your mind from a busy day. You simply match three tiles of the same color of Gem to create matches which then turns into points. The higher the points the more each gem becomes worth so you can rack up points and make power boards that turn into bonus rounds. It’s fun, and relaxing at the same time.