What Loading Screens Are Used For In Flash Games


Why do games have loading screens exactly? The basic answer would be to give the system time to process everything within the particular map; but we’ll be diving further into it right now to truly understand the reasons why a loading screen is an important necessity. Games content is saved within a hard disk (HDD) often times and it’s processed. It’s just like when a game is saved on a console like a game boy for example. A game that used that being the likes of Pokemon and others. 

While it saves, you have time to rest up and potentially even go do something else. Also during the loading screen, if it is a strategy based game then that grants you time to prepare for what’s to come soon after the loading screen clears. Imagine all of the scripts that have to be put into the right order so that an enjoyable play experience can be achieved. Waiting a couple of minutes isn’t all that bad when that fact is brought up. 

Game consoles are all like computers specialized in certain ways. Data has to be stored in order for them to work, even when programming and encoding, data is what makes it all work smoothly. Music, Art and so much is put into those games and so that none of that comes out wrong or glitched for the player, the loading screen provides that moment of stall. Surely a loading screen can’t be that annoying unless it’s a super long update and the art on the loading screen is atrocious and very unpleasant for the player. In that case, even then the player can go do something else while the loading screen is present. The quicker that a storage device can decipher, the smoother the loading screen will shift to the next stage within a flash game. 

Keep in mind that a flash game in technical terms, has more than the average web browser or even a calculator; so it’s natural that it’ll have a longer loading screen duration. Years ago when it was the SNES that was played, it handled loading data well and it’s only gotten better so for flash games the loading time is manageable. 

In simple terms, the loading screen is put into place as a means to give you something pleasant to look at while you wait around. Also how else would you know the game didn’t freeze and isn’t working? The only way would be with a loading screen that’s also showing the percentage somewhere. There are players that would rage or get confused if there was just a black screen with nothing, it’s very unappealing and would even impact the games sales due to reviews proceeding to be negative for the main reason being a black screen instead of a proper loading screen. The natural expectation would be that the game crashed when in fact it hasn’t so it’s detrimental that a loading screen is put into place. That is what loading screens are for within flash games many enjoy.